Artist Bio

Here's a little background story about me:

I was blessed with an average childhood, left school at the awkward age of sixteen, cursed with less than average qualifications and then haggled my way into a rather beige college. I chose to study Fine Art, in which I had shown definite potential. I then fashionably retired from the course several months later, diagnosing myself as suffering excruciatingly from a premature mid-life crisis... An event not to be interpreted daintily. None of this is really important. The important bit is that I eventually became The Famous Artist Birdy Rose. It didn't happen overnight. I wasn't bitten by a spider and I don't have a superhero outfit.

Ever since then I have become madly obsessed with my work. My aim  is to invite others to join in on my obsession. This will be a real life Arty Folie `a deux (that's a posh word for shared mental illness, I googled it) and if I get enough people in on it I can buy a Famous Artist outfit from TopShop and fight crimes against the Arts through doodles and paintings all over the internet.


Contact The Famous Artist Birdy Rose via email if you have any questions about the Artwork available online, or if you would like to ask about or request a commissioned piece of Artwork: