Kittens, Mortgages, Allergies, Doritos and sit-ups.

Before I start this blog I have to share with you all that I’ve noticed something interesting recently. Last week my Facebook newsfeed was full of negative, political posts, mostly shared articles, memes and news links. I knew that during the previous week that I had read and clicked on a lot of the political articles shared by my friends. I wondered though, why I wasn’t seeing the Facebook I once knew, with updates from my friends about their dinners, or their day at work, or selfies of them in their bedrooms. So after I wrote my last “Monday” blog, I decided to make an effort NOT to click on the political news, articles and links that I see on Facebook. Just to see what happens. I’ve also been making a point everyday of connecting with people online in a positive way, so everyday I have either commented something nice or used the love heart to “like” several of my friends posts each morning, obviously I haven’t done anything I didn’t mean to do. All of my comments and “likes” have been sincere. However, it could be coincidence, but what I had noticed towards the end of the week, is that suddenly my Facebook newsfeed changed from negative political posts, back to being all photos of my friends babies, selfies, dinner pictures and posts about things that are happening in my friends lives. I find this interesting, because I reckon the way Facebook works is through tracking whatever posts you’re interacting with the most. So if you’re clicking on all of the negative shit that’s posting, that’s what you’re going to receive more of on your newsfeed. If you click and comment on nice things that people are posting, that too, is what you’re going to receive more of on your newsfeed. It probably sounds bonkers and it probably is. But that’s what seems to have happened to me this week anyway.


  • Theresa Thatcher May is still alive! A lot of the things she has done as Prime Minister so far is the exact opposite to an ethical decision. She probably has one of those contemporary expensive behavioural issues like Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

  •  The Labour Party (Still led by Jeremy Corbyn - the scruffy bastard) is campaigning for strengthened worker’s unions and fairer worker’s rights. Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t know how to do politics properly. He keeps doing passionate speeches about a fairer society. You’re supposed to hate people and punish them, not love and try to support them! Idiot.

  • In America Bernie Sanders no longer has a chance of becoming President, because of this everyone is so scared that Donald Trump will win and actually become the first tropical alien to be President, that they’re now rooting for Hillary Clinton.  Some people are claiming that voting for Clinton is a vote for Feminism. This is exactly mirroring the thought over here that Theresa Thatcher May being Prime Minister was a step forwards for Feminism. This is a bit ironic because both of these women have consistently, during their careers, voted and voiced their opinions AGAINST ethical decisions, most importantly, those decisions in regards to human rights, and equality. A lot of Americans are having to settle on the idea that “At least it’s not Trump” which I guess is how I would feel too, if I were American.

My Friends:

  • Almost ALL of my friends have either been at a Festival or gone on holiday. It’s that time of year where people actually get to do things they enjoy for a moment.

  • Myself, and nearly of my friends got drunk on the weekend, even the ones that stayed at home.

  • Recently (sometimes especially on Mondays) I’ve noticed through Facebook that a majority of my friends are now currently either getting married, celebrating an anniversary, having kids or buying a house. In the meantime, while all of my friends are reaching their life milestones, so far I have binge-watched an entire season of “Stranger Things” on Netflix. I also ate two large packets of Doritos to myself (and then spent an hour repenting my sins by writing down all the things I’m going to do to live a healthier and more stable lifestyle - such as sit ups, and belly crunches, meditation and sipping green tea - none of which I’ve done so far this morning because I got distracted by watching YouTube videos of kittens trying to jump onto things) I did however, collect some rubbish out of our van to put in the bin, then I promptly let my boyfriend do the duty of putting the rubbish in the actual bin whilst I drank Tea and looked photos at all of my successful - life - doing friends.

General Things:

  • Byron Burger joint - I’ve never heard of them before but it’s just come out in the news that their manager rounded up a group of employees and sent them on a “training day” trip which turned out to be an interrogation as to whether the said employees were illegal immigrants or not. I don’t know why it had to be done this way, or why the boss couldn’t have personally seen people in his office one on one and just asked. Like a normal person would have. People seem to be really outraged at the Burger joint instead of outraged at what sort of country we are that allows people to get into the position where they have to lie to get a job, rent a flat and pay their bills.

  • On the internet I’ve seen an advert of a girl making her lips look like they’ve been stung by a bee and then covered in vaseline. To achieve this uber-trendy allergic-reaction look you can get it from the new lip gloss product called “Wunderkiss” it probably costs a lot of money, so if you’re poor, alternatively, you could develop severe allergies to cats and rub them on your lips and then lick them instead, licking them makes them redder.

  • There is a video on the internet of 80’s video dating, which is basically what people had before tinder was invented. This is literally the best thing I have seen on the internet, possibly ever. Some of these men were probably serial killers. Most likely the one holding the rose.

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