Goths, Frackpots & Cats.

I almost cannot do politics today. It’s too infuriating.
There's a small amount of joy in knowing that the Labour Party now must allow new members a vote in the leadership election, the high court has ruled, after five new members successfully argued they had a legal right to do so. That's really good, but it also almost feels like winning your own socks back whilst you're wearing them.

I did briefly read about the “Frackpot” but it enraged me so much that I couldn’t get my eyes past the part that says Theresa Thatcher May is offering five-figure handouts to people who agree to do Fracking. Or something like that. I almost don’t even WANT to know this stuff. What irritates me about this is that Fracking is obviously bad otherwise you wouldn’t have to BRIBE people with the chance of winning loads of money in order to go ahead and do it. Also, I would prefer it if that money was spent on the NHS instead of bribing people to comply with drilling holes deep into the ground and ruining our land and water supply, potentially FOREVER. It’s not like we don’t have RENEWABLE energy sources that could be harnessed until THE END OF TIME for probably half the cost. Theresa May has made absolutely no effort whatsoever to endear herself to common-sensical members of the public. She’s just a horrible, nasty, power mad woman.

My friends:
All of my friends babies have just had a birthday, or so it feels like all of them have… babies actually grow way too quickly. They’re like those little jelly alien things I used to buy when I was a kid, you stick them in water and they stretch really big whilst you’re watching Nickelodeon.

A lot of my friends from Southend-On-Sea (where I lived before I moved into our Van) have posted really upsetting photos of Southend beach which has been left completely trashed from the weekend. This shouldn’t be allowed to happen. It’s not fucking Glastonbury Festival. The locals shouldn’t have to deal with this shit.

Internet things:
There is a video of cats jumping out and knocking over toddlers. Usually I wouldn’t laugh at a toddler being pushed over, but this video really made me chuckle. Cats are awesome.

Cats are definitely winning the internet this morning. I really like the video of two cats playing with the toilet bowl that cleans your bum. I’ve never understood those things, doesn’t it feel weird to have a load of water shot up your bum? Anyway, these cats are also awesome.

There is also a video on the internet of a bracelet that projects your phone screen onto your wrist so that you can be even more lazy and just not even bother to pick up your phone when you want to look at it. Convenience is the future! I’m really wierded out by it.

Goth Bath bombs and ice creams:
I don’t really see goths out and about anymore, do they spend all of their time making memes on facebook and only go out at night time like vampires? I see lots of goth things on the internet I like. I really like the goth ice creams (which is basically black ice-cream) but I’ve never actually seen anywhere that sells them. You can also apparently get Goth Bath Bombs so that you can soak in a bath that looks like dirt! 

(Note: That is not my secksy leg in a bath full of blackness and doom, I found this on the googles)

Here’s a fun fact: I used to be a goth once, I was literally the worst goth ever. I heavily indulged in the goth scene for about a week and a bit, I used to hide all of my marilyn manson CD’s at night though because looking at the covers of them from across my bedroom freaked me out and I was at the age where I still liked Jesus. I actually remember going to school on non-uniform day wearing all black, I wore those jeans that are massive on the bottoms and got really heavy when it rained. I remember really hoping that I look goth enough impress all of the boys. I also remember one day when some of the grunge & goth boys asked me what I was listening to on my sony CD-walkman I’d proudly tell them that I’m listening to Cradle Of Filth or Slipknot and secretly hope that no-one asks to see the disc because I was actually listening to The Lion King on CD. TRUE STORY.

Faaanks for reading my Monday morning ramblings!
Here's a photo of me, being overly ecstatic about finding some coconut water at a Festival over the weekend.
...That is all…

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