Day 1: Building Our New Home #VANLIFE

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We've got our new van!!!
Faaanks to everyone who bought a #VANLIFE T-Shirt or Print off of us, and to all of you who donated via gofundme. You lot are a bit nice ain't ya?!
We started work on our van yesterday. I've kind of kept a bit of a diary of it so far so that you can all see what we're up to and essentially watch us build our home in the van.

First thing's first.... We woke up really bloody early, and had a cup of Tea, of course.
Then I put my face on.

We're off to start working on our van today. Technically I've never built a home before, so this should be interesting. To prepare for today's work I've got blue eyeshadow, black warrior eyeliner and plum lipstick with glitter in it... is there anything else I need?

When we arrived at the Van, our mate EL (Genius) was already bashing the fake wall out of the van that was already there when we bought it and was taking everything apart. There was a damp patch in the cab and the inside needed to be stripped so that we could start on the insulation properly. So, me and Dooze made a cup of Tea.

Here's a picture of us evaluating the situation in the rain. Someone said something funny.

We had to take out all of the nails and screws off the walls and all of the gunk that was used to glue bits and bobs together. Then we had to go to Wickes to buy a load of wood, thin wood poles for insulating. And big wood board to go on the flooring.

I actually hate wood. Especially wood that has splinters. Splinters freak me out. 
I didn't touch any of the wood. Doozer got a splinter in his thumb and I spent the next few hours scraping stuff off the walls and sweeping up the floor whilst imagining all of the worst case death by splinter scenarios. The worst one I could think of was the splinter getting in your blood stream and stabbing you in the heart, or in the eyeball!!! 
Then I wondered what it would be like if the splinter just decided to sit in your thumb forever and not move anywhere. Would your skin grow over it and you'd have a little horn on your thumb? Or would your thumb just go a weird colour and fall off? What if it just stayed there for ages and then fell out one day but it had been in there for so long you're just left with a hole in your thumb?

I'm not sure. I pretty much gave myself a panic attack thinking about this and had to have another cup of Tea to get over it.

This is me not touching any wood at Wickes.

Doozer got his splinter out, so I don't need to worry about that anymore.

Our first day of working on the van was a lot of deciding where everything is going to go, measuring everything we need and buying supplies.
We've got access to three scrap caravans so we'll likely be taking stuff out of those which is being offered to us for a cheap price. Doozer got to use the sharp cutty thing that makes fire and he didn't cut any limbs off. Everything is looking alright so far. 

Chopping, cutting and bashing stuff.

Doozer putting the insulating grid in the flooring.

El telling Doozer that he's doing it wrong.

We worked until around 7:30pm trying to get the initial structure for the floor insulation finished but it got too dark, then we headed back to Essex. 

The life of luxury as an Artist has left me completely unprepared for physical labour... I am now too exhausted to finish my dinner. My eye shadow is still on point though.. Faaanks Barry M .

Please watch this space for more updates, I'll try to blog our progress as much as I can.

If you would like to help us with this project immediately, we have #VANLIFE vinyl stickers and prints available at these links (you will need to copy and paste these links to use them)

If you would like to help us with this project over the next couple of weeks we will have #VANLIFE mugs and tote bags available in the next day or two to help the funding of this conversion. The links will be as follows:


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    Love this. look forward to part 2.x

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