The Famous Artist Birdy Rose Welcomes You...

Hello phools!
Welcome to my wonderful world of Art!

I have been designing this website for absolutely ages, all this web design malarky is bloody rubbish!
Anyway, I assume you're here to see some good Art. Well, if you're looking for some proper ART in capital letters, all shouty and controversial and that, there's a lovely little lady called Tracy Emin who's really good at drawing stick men with fannies.
Her website looks a lot like a Debenham's Catalogue and there's loads of weird and expensive shit on it...

If you want to see something that doesn't quite meet the A-Level criteria, and sometimes is a bit sticky from when I eat too many pickled onions and forget to wash my hands ...then stay tuned. I've got loads of really really Arty stuff on here!


The Famous Artist Birdy Rose.

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  • I hate my life but at least this makes it beabrale.


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